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The $280 Million Dollar Question

Published: June 13, 2016 1:12:03 pm 2959 Views

Picture this: You've just won the New York State Mega millions jackpot!!! You start daydreaming about all the wonderful things you'll buy and all the vacations you'll take. Money will no longer be a worry. It is not that simple to live on Easy Street. The truth of the matter is if yo...

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Looking Up

Published: June 9, 2016 10:47:44 am 2571 Views

"Have patience. Everything is difficult before it is easy." - SaadiThe rollercoaster has been a bit easier lately. The S&P and the Dow are up about 2% through the end of May, while volatility has declined. The reward for being patient when, in February, both indexes were down almost 15%, is...

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Swing for Singles

Published: June 6, 2016 11:02:29 am 2706 Views

"Don't worry about home runs, swing for singles." To this day I can hear my dad repeating that line to me as I was learning to play baseball. In other words, don't try to do too much, just be consistent. Excellent advice - and probably why this article recently caught my eye. Focus...

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What Changed with Your Cable?

Published: May 26, 2016 1:39:58 pm 2461 Views

After Comcast's, the nation's largest cable operator, failed 2015 bid to purchase Time Warner Cable (TWC), Charter Communications has successfully acquired TWC. The $56 billion purchase was accompanied by a $10 billion purchase of Bright House Networks which will provide TV, internet, and phone serv...

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Prince's Fortune- What NOT To Do

Published: May 12, 2016 1:35:06 pm 2612 Views

Last month a major pop icon left this world. He not only left a legacy and inspiring music behind- he left his fortune to the tune of $300+ million dollars. Some may assume that whomever Prince left his fortune to is quite the lucky person; in reality Prince left his fortune to no one.He did not hav...

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You, Inc.: Getting Ready for Self-Employment

Published: May 3, 2016 11:12:17 am 3068 Views

After working for someone else, self-employment can be an exhilarating change. But it's also fraught with potential pitfalls, like potentially running out of money before your new venture even gets off the ground."The more planning you can do beforehand, the more you'll increase your chances of grow...

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2015 Taxes Are In - How Do I Save Next Year?

Published: April 25, 2016 8:30:34 am 3009 Views

Two things in life are certain: death and taxes. While we cannot do anything about the first, there are strategies to lower your taxes for years ahead.Here are three simple ways you could save:Fund your retirement account(s)-by adding to a pre-tax retirement account or 401k, you lower your tax bill...

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What Happens to My Retirement When I Die? Legacy Planning for Retirement Accounts

Published: April 14, 2016 10:29:56 am 2727 Views

With an aging population, one question that comes up more and more often from clients is: where does my money go when I die? The flip side to that question is to ask: where do you want your money to go after you die?With the increasing popularity and accessibility of retirement plans, many Americans...

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Financially Preparing for Divorce

Published: April 6, 2016 11:17:21 am 2610 Views

While not a topic most people may wish to discuss, divorce is a reality for an increasing number of Americans. Obviously an emotionally charged time for you and your family, most divorce attorneys suggest thinking about how to divide your financial responsibilities as early as possible. Here are som...

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Dividend-paying Stocks: A Staple for Your Portfolio

Published: March 29, 2016 10:19:55 am 2789 Views

In my opinion, no matter your age or your approach to investing, there is one kind of investment that may be considered for your portfolio: dividend-paying stocks.While hardly the sexiest of investment choices, dividend-paying stocks may offer a difficult-to-beat combination -- good quality and a hi...

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