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Personal Savings

Regardless of where you fall in the financial spectrum, one factor that remains universal is the need for a savings plan that is as manageable as it is successful.

Brighton Securities has deep roots when it comes to helping our clients save for their future, and, for over 50 years, our commitment to their financial success has remained unwavering.

Retirement Planning for Young Adults & Professionals

Embarking on a well-prepared savings journey in your twenties will have a profound positive effect on the quality and timeliness of your retirement.  While it is never too late to start saving, starting as soon as possible is often the most important step you can take.  The team at Brighton Securities has nearly 500 years of collective experience working with our clients to set attainable financial goals and to collaboratively put into place their financial plan to help them achieve these goals.

Early Career Saving Plans

Our firm understands that younger professionals are often on limited budgets and must prioritize between saving for their retirements, managing their first mortgages, and paying off student loans. Our team of wealth management experts can tailor a savings program that is effective, manageable, and designed to evolve with your professional growth.

Our Wealth Management experts at Brighton Securities will help you structure a plan to achieve your financial goals in a way that balances your career goals with your financial horizon. 

We have two offices in the Rochester area and invite you to call or visit for more information.  We can be reached in Rochester at 585.473.3590, or in our Batavia office at 585.344.1850.

We provide advice and direction that comes not just from market expertise and experience, but from listening to you, our client. We place you at the center of your financial plan.

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