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Preparing for the reliable transfer of your assets to your beneficiaries in a tax efficient manner is unquestionably one of the most important decisions you  may make in your lifetime.  Our team at Brighton Securities will work with you and your legal counsel to appropriately allocate your assets within a well thought out estate plan which ensures that your wishes are carried out.

Estate Planning Rochester NY

Since our founding in 1969, our financial professionals at Brighton Securities have gone to great lengths in streamlining and simplifying the process of working with our clients and their legal counsel to prepare wills, trusts and a full complement of asset transfer & protection services.

Preparation of Wills and Trusts

When ensuring that the fruits of your lifetime of hard work and accomplishments are distributed in accordance to your most exacting specifications, there is no such thing as a trivial oversight.  We take a meticulous approach when it comes to estate and trust preparation, and our staff of financial professionals will walk you through the entire planning process to make preparing for the unpredictable, reliable and stress-free.  We can either work with your existing trust and estate lawyer, or recommend an attorney that is best suited to your needs.

Elder Care Trust Planning

There are a number of available options to help protect your assets in the event of unexpected event.  Brighton Securities' team of financial professionals can work with you and your legal counsel to create a customized plan utilizing a wide range of options to ensure that your lifetime of hard work is properly safeguarded.

Asset Protection

If you are at the age where you find yourself accumulating more and more assets, it is vital to make sure they are protected and can be transfered to your beneficiaries in a tax efficient manner.  This can include ensuring that all 401k retirement funds and IRAs have been accurately inventoried, along with any other high-value assets.  Brighton Securities can help you protect your assets by working with you to identify your beneficiaries, allocate assets according your specifications, assisting your estate attorney in preparing legal documents and a host of other services suited to your individual needs.

Call the Trusted Estate Planning Experts

Whether you're nearing retirement age and need to prepare your will or in the heart of your career and looking to get a jump on the preparation process, Brighton Securities is the financial firm our clients in both Rochester NY throughout the country trust to advise them on planning their estate.

To learn more about setting up a will, trust, or other estate planning services, call Brighton Securities today at 585.473.3590 in Rochester, or 585.344.1850 in the Batavia area.

We provide advice and direction that comes not just from market expertise and experience, but from listening to you, our client. We place you at the center of your financial plan.

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