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Brighton Securities Team

Business & Corporate Services

The team at Brighton Securities has a wealth of experience in assisting our corporate clients in a variety of ways. Brighton Securities has helped its clients with a diverse array of services including corporate tax preparation, corporate qualified plan advisory, corporate cash management, key man insurance, along with strategic advisory and private placement advisory for established clients.

Since 1969, the financial experts at Brighton Securities have made it their lives' work to offer exemplary corporate and business financial services.  Brighton Securities is an independent financial services firm focused on providing bulge bracket services to small and medium sized companies.  Our firm brings together a cohesive group of professionals with substantial expertise, relationships, and experience in the financial services industry.  We encourage you to contact one of our corporate investment professionals, to fully explore the many ways in which we can help you grow.

Corporate Tax Services

Overlooking even the most seemingly mundane detail has the potential to result in corporate tax nightmares; which can cost shareholders money if not handled in a pro-active manner.  Our team of tax specialists can help you with every aspect of managing your corporate tax strategy.  This includes professional bookkeeping services and corporate tax planning.

Corporate Qualified Plan Advisory

When you reach the point of growth employing a sizeable staff becomes a necessity, an entirely new world of investment and administrative responsibilities are sure to follow.  Brighton Securities will work with you to develop a strategic plan on how to provide retirement savings services to your employees, and walk you through the myriad of options that lay before you.  Whether you're looking to offer a retirement plan to your employees or need information on IRAs, our firm brings five decades of proven success to each and every client we serve.

Learn Why More Rochester Corporations Trust Brighton Securities Implicitly

Brighton Securities has remained one of the leading financial services firms in Upstate NY since 1969.  Brighton Securities is an independent financial firm headquartered in Rochester NY with extensive reach, staffed by some of the most talented corporate financial consultants in NY.  To learn how we can help your organization thrive, call our Rochester office today at 585.473.3590, or our Batavia office at 585.344.1850.

We provide advice and direction that comes not just from market expertise and experience, but from listening to you, our client. We place you at the center of your financial plan.

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