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Corporate Services


Extending Our Advisory Expertise to Support Business Success

The team at Brighton Securities has a wealth of experience providing corporate clients with a diverse array of business advisory and management services including corporate tax preparation, corporate qualified plan advisory, corporate cash management, key man insurance, along with strategic advisory and private placement advisory for established clients.

Corporate Tax Services

Overlooking even the most mundane detail has the potential to result in corporate tax nightmares. This can cost business owners and shareholders considerable money if not handled in a proactive manner. Our team of tax specialists can help you with the critical details of managing your corporate tax planning and strategy.

Corporate Qualified Plan Advisory

A critical component of employee satisfaction and employee retention is offering a retirement savings plan. Brighton Securities can work with you to design and develop the right retirement savings programs to fit your company and your employees’ needs. Whether you're looking to offer a retirement plan to your employees or need simply need information on IRA investment options, our firm brings five decades of proven success to each and every client we serve.

We provide advice and direction that comes not just from market expertise and experience, but from listening to you, our client.

Brighton Securities will work with you to envision your future – developing and executing investment strategies that will help you to build and protect your wealth and help ensure the lifestyle you ultimately desire.

To learn more about our financial, corporate and tax advisory services, contact Brighton Securities today.

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