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Guiding You on Your Journey Toward Wealth Accumulation and Financial Security

We understand that every aspiration – a new home, your dream home, paying for higher education, starting or selling a business, or retirement – depends on having a solid plan that supports those financial needs.

Brighton Securities can provide access to the financial planning and wealth management tools and expertise you need to succeed at each lifestage.

Financial Services

Financial Planning

Brighton Securities takes a teamwork approach to financial planning. Your Brighton Securities financial advisor will lead a team that can include your insurance advisor, accountant or tax planner, and legal counsel to understand and establish short-term and long-term financial goals. Together, with the support of the entire team, they’ll identify the individual steps needed to achieve those goals.

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Savings Strategies

Every life stage brings different financial needs and obligations, so it’s never too early to start planning and saving. Working with Brighton Securities to develop a plan to better manage your current and future financial commitments – student loans, mortgage, college tuition, weddings, and, of course, retirement – is a great foundation for financial success.

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Insurance can be a critical part of your long-term financial plan. As an independent financial services firm, Brighton Securities has access to products from the nation’s leading insurance companies to help our clients protect, preserve and even continue to build their wealth.

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Estate Planning

Building your wealth is important but preserving it for generations to come will help to ensure that your legacy lives on. Working alongside your tax and estate attorney, Brighton Securities will help you organize and inventory all of your accounts and assets, while making sure your beneficiary information is up to date. We’ll also work with you to determine who inherits your assets, how quickly they are paid out, and consult with you about potential tax consequences.

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Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax planning goes hand in hand with financial planning. Brighton Securities can provide comprehensive tax planning and support, including preparation of your tax returns.

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Corporate Services

So often, our client’s business interests are tied into their personal financials plans. Brighton Securities corporate financial professionals can help with everything from 401(k) plans and employee benefits, to tax planning, financial audits, and investment services.

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Make Brighton Securities a Valued Member of Your Inner Circle

If you're ready to work with a financial services firm that will be there as a confident trusted advisor and friend, always staying one step ahead, guiding your investment strategies, and advocating for your success every step of the way, then contact Brighton Securities today.

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We provide advice and direction that comes not just from market expertise and experience, but from listening to you, our client.

To schedule an appointment with one of our financial professionals, call Brighton Securities today in Rochester at 585.473.3590, or our Batavia office at 585.344.1850, or our Lockport office at 716.304.2102.

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