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Tax Planning and Preparation

With tax laws constantly changing, it’s critical to work with a financial professional who understands the complexities of both the federal and state (including New York) tax systems. As one of the area's most well established financial services firms, Brighton Securities can provide expert counsel to help individuals and businesses understand and successfully manage their tax liabilities. From personal and corporate income tax returns to dedicated bookkeeping services, our firm has the insight and experience to help you manage your personal and business balance sheets to minimize tax liabilities and maximize return on investment.

Tax Planning Experience

Since 2003, we have remained committed to finding new ways to help our clients develop a financial plan that incorporates a tax-efficient strategy. Regardless of whether you're seeking expert tax consultation services for personal or business, we can help simplify the process while keeping you in keeping you in compliance with federal and state tax laws and regulations.

Individual Tax Preparation Services

Did you buy a house for the first time? Perhaps you're a new investor looking for expert assistance when itemizing your return? There's an endless list of scenarios which may drastically impact how much you pay in taxes – or, the way we look it, how much you don’t pay. Brighton Securities can be there to help prepare your individual or corporate tax return.

Tax Planning for Businesses

Regardless of whether you run a small business with a half a dozen employees or a multi-national corporation, the tax planning professional you partner with should be one of the most trusted members of your inner circle. Brighton Securities can help you navigate your liabilities as well as develop a personalized plan to ensure that your business is as well taken care of as your investments.

For comprehensive tax consulting services for you or your business, contact Brighton Securities today.

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