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November 3, 2022 - ROCHESTER, NY--Brighton Securities, a Rochester, NY headquartered Financial Services firm, today announced the partnership and foundation of the Wade Investment Fund at SUNY Brockport. The fund was lead and made possible by the support of brothers Chuck Wade ’06 and Ethan Wade ’11, who understand the importance of investment management as they are both Senior Vice Presidents and Financial Advisors at Brighton Securities. SUNY Brockport in partnership with Chuck Wade, Ethan Wade and Brighton Securities, collaboratively aims to provide the SUNY Brockport School of Business and Management undergraduate students a unique and realistic learning experience through security evaluation and portfolio management within a discovery-oriented and supportive network. The Wade Investment Fund will provide students with the opportunity to manage an active investment portfolio.

“The development of the Wade Investment Fund provides me, and brother Chuck Wade, with the perfect opportunity for us to pay it forward to the future graduates of SUNY Brockport, so they have the confidence and skills necessary to find success in the investment world” said Ethan Wade ’11, Senior Vice President.

Through the Wade Investment Fund, students will be responsible for evaluating securities, deciding when to buy and sell securities, and managing the portfolio among other responsibilities. This hands-on experience provides advanced training to students in the field of finance and allows them to manage a real-money portfolio of investments rather than running simulations with hypothetical funds. Training students to manage and administer a real-money investment portfolio is rare among business schools across the country and the experience gained has proved invaluable.

The Wade Investment Fund will provide enormous benefits to students because it gives them practice in applying the skills they have learned in their academic careers. In addition to improving quantitative and qualitative research skills, the Wade Investment Fund also advances career opportunities after graduation. The program provides students with hands-on training in equity valuation and portfolio management with guidance from industry experts and supervision by faculty.

“It is an honor for us and Brighton Securities to partner with SUNY Brockport and help their finance majors gain a leg up on their competition. Brockport was instrumental in our development to teach us real life skills so we could go into the job market to compete and advocate for ourselves. We have no doubt that the experiences we gained at Brockport have set us up to find continued success throughout our careers” said Chuck Wade ’06, Senior Vice President.  “Professor Sandeep Singh instructed us throughout several classes at SUNY Brockport and we know these students are in great hands with his guidance and support through the Wade Investment Fund” said Ethan Wade.

Learn more about SUNY Brockport and what students have to say about the Wade Investment Fund:

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*The fund was made possible by the support of brothers Chuck Wade ’06 and Ethan Wade ’11, who understand the importance of investment management as they are both Senior Vice Presidents and Financial Advisors at Brighton Securities. Additional individual support came from James Campbell ’65, Virginia Campbell ’89/’96, Janie Hill ’85, Paul Purfield ’74, and Karen Webber ’09 as well as corporate support from RBC Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Canandaigua National Bank & Trust, Advantage Federal Credit Union, Iconoclastic Capital, and Double Diamonds Financial Solutions.

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