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Wellness noun. [wel-nis] – The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of a deliberate effort.

Achieving wellness in all aspects of our lives (physically, mentally, and spiritually) is a constant pursuit.  The path to success is made easier when we ask for help.

Financial wellness is no different, the constant pursuit of a better financial life can be challenging, confusing, and intimidating.  In many cases, we begin this walk alone.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  That’s where The Wade Group can help.

Two brothers, one goal - sharing the journey to financial wellness with you. Chuck and Ethan Wade take one of life's most confusing and intimidating topics - money - and make it simple, understandable, and lead you to action!

The Wade Group Commitment to Our Clients

  • No use of industry jargon –  Information and knowledge are two different things.  Information can be full of terms, words and concepts that can be difficult to grasp.  Knowledge implies a practical understanding of a concept or idea.  You will find comfort in knowledge, which starts with clear and concise communication, and not industry jargon.  We will help you understand your investments, set attainable financial goals, and develop a plan for that will help you achieve them.

  • Consistent, clear communication –  A consistent, defined schedule of personal contact is a critical part of our process.  We value staying in touch with you on a regular basis.  Often these are calls to touch base, provide some insight, or confirm that you have received your statement and that everything makes sense. If you need to contact us and we don’t immediately answer, we will respond promptly.

  • A family approach – As brothers, we each possess different skills that allow us to work in a complementary manner, bringing our skills together to best utilize them for our clients’ success. At the same time, we realize the value of diversification and a different perspective, which is why Victoria Flugel has joined our team, bringing with her years of experience that help expand our abilities to address client needs.

We pledge to walk the road to financial wellness together with you.  Together we will define your goals and develop a cohesive plan that we will execute together to help achieve a successful result.  The Wade Group walks beside its clients and ensures that they are not walking the path to financial wellness alone.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your financial wellness goals.  Contact the Wade Group today to get your financial wellness in order.


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Victoria L. Tabor

FPQP®, Financial Advisor

Charles Wade

Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor

Ethan Wade

Chief Development Officer, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor

Tracy Cronk

Client Service Associate

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