Makes no sense, does it, that Saudi Arabia would prefer lower oil prices? Sure would seem like $120-per-barrel oil would be an extra big payday for them and other OPEC members. But it's not true. The Saudis have even indicated a willingness to pump more oil to make up for production losses due to Libyan turmoil.

But the Saudis have learned over many years to take a long view of energy consumption issues. If gas prices go to $4 and $5, you might start thinking seriously about wanting a more fuel-efficient car. You might turn down your thermostat, insulate, buy new windows. Higher airfares would mean you travel less. The net effect: less oil consumption. And more incentive to develop hybrid or electric cars, wind & solar, nuclear, and other power sources that in small but cumulative ways reduce oil consumption over the long term.

The long view is typically the best view when it comes to business.


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