• If their only income is earned income (wages) and exceeds $5,700 a tax return is required. Although, if they earn less and have taxes withheld, a tax return would be required to claim a refund.
  • If their only income is un-earned income (investment income) and exceeds $950 a tax return is required or the parents can claim this income on their return. Keep in mind that "kiddie" tax kicks in when investment income exceeds $1,900.
  • When there is a combination of earned and un-earned income, if the un-earned income exceeds $300 and the total gross income exceeds $950, then a tax return is required.
  • For the purposes of filing requirement the gross proceeds from the sale of a security is counted as un-earned income even if there is little or no gain.
  • If the child has net self-employment income of $400 or more a tax return is required.
State filing requirements vary from state to state. At a later date I will talk more about the specific rules regarding "kiddie" tax filing requirements.

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