I ran into a friend the other day and nearly didn't recognize him. That tends to happen when over the course of a year, your friend lost 170 pounds! It's impossible not to be happy for someone who's accomplished such a feat, and I had to know, "how did you do it?!"

His response of "eating well and exercising" nearly put me to sleep.

I was expecting to hear of a month-long fast, or the newest, cutting edge diet. Not so. Good old fashioned diet and exercise. Boring? Yes. Time-consuming? Absolutely. You don't lose an entire person in body weight in just two weeks. It takes commitment, hard work, and a plan - all of which must be focused towards achieving your goal.

Wait a second. We are talking about weight loss here, right? The same applies to your financial future. The quick fix that sounds too good to be true is always out there. And maybe if you invest in the hot, cutting-edge company that everyone is talking about, you'll make a quick profit. Chances are, in the long run, you'll lose more than you win. But if you define your goals and put a well-informed plan in place, with commitment and work, you'll find yourself not only reaching, but exceeding your goals.

Funny how life works like that. Why not start now?

Chuck Wade

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