This Thursday the Rochester office is hosting an open house for clients (advisors, staff and their families will all be present) to showcase our new office renovations .

At a time when Goldman Sachs is doling out $22 billion in bonuses and news about Bank of America Merrill Lynch's "savior" John Thain's redecorating habit is still coming out in the press ($16,000 for a commode on legs, anyone?) announcing an office remodel for a financial firm might not seem like a good PR move.

Then again, our remodel consisted mostly of a fresh coat of paint and some new carpeting - Thain beat us to the last $1,400 parchment trash can - and after 40 years in the same building, dressing the place up was more necessity than luxury.

I don't know if the Merrill clients got invited to kick back in Thain's $87,000 pair of guest chairs, but we hope you'll stop by this week to test ours. Brad Stevenson will be catering and all of us will be here to offer you a glass of wine or a Custom Brewcrafters beer and chat about how much longer we can milk tales of the excesses of Wall Street for this blog!

See You There!

Thursday, January 28th


Alexandra Conboy


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