UIT stands for Unit Investment Trust. A UIT is a packaged investment offering that purchases stocks, bonds or other securities in order to achieve a specific investment objective. The objective might be to achieve tax-free investment income (i.e.-municipal bonds), to invest in companies in a certain area of the world (i.e.-China), to achieve exposure to a certain asset class (i.e.-real estate investment trusts), etc.

Instead of purchasing "shares" you purchase "units" of a UIT. UITs trade on the stock market and are considered a "liquid" investment.

Each trust has a termination date. Typical lengths include 18 and 24 month trusts. You do not have to hold a UIT until its maturity date. If you do you have the choice of receiving cash for the final value of the UIT, rolling it into a new UIT offering at a reduced commission, or in many cases of retaining the individual investments that were part of the trust.

For investors looking for a low cost, liquid investment that meets a specific objective, Unit Investment Trusts may be a suitable answer. Your Financial Advisor can help you determine if UITs have a place in your investment portfolio.


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