Traditional logic is that at the end of the year investors who have realized capital gains during the year typically look to sell losing positions to off-set those gains. This year your thought process needs to be different. If you are in or below the 15% tax bracket (married couples up to $69,000 of taxable income and singles up to $34,500) your long term capital gains included in that amount are taxed at 0%!!

So, think twice about selling a losing position just for the purpose of off-setting gains. Unless you have a sound investment reason to sell the losing position you will be losing the tax benefit of the capital loss. You can't reduce a 0% tax bite! Sit down with your tax professional to approximate where your tax bracket will fall before the end of the year. Many retirees who have mostly investment income and quite a bit of tax-free interest find themselves in a 10% or 15% tax bracket. A little pre-planning before year-end should be on your agenda.

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