Did you know that the direction of the stock market in any given year is determined by the outcome of the Super Bowl? Well, not really, but there is a fun statistic that has been dubbed The Super Bowl Indicator (SBI).

According to the Super Bowl Indicator, if the winning team is from the old American Football League (now the American Football Conference, AFC) the market will have a down year. Conversely, if the winning team is from the old NFL (now the National Football Conference, NFC) the market will rally this year.

The SBI boasts a high accuracy rate, coming in at about 80%. For the 30 years between 1967 and 1997 the indicator correctly forecasted the subsequent year's direction with about 90% accuracy - the last 14 years must have been harder to forecast.

Of course this correlation is nothing more than a fun anomaly (like the predictive octopus or politically-sensitive Spider Monkeys or everyone's favorite meteorological rodent), but I always enjoy watching every year to see if the SBI can pull it off once again. In any case, I hope everyone has a fun weekend and stays safe.

Sam DiNorma


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