I don't blame people for being wary of investing in the stock market. Unemployment is high, Washington is a mess, the federal debt is massive, and consumer spending is down. It would be a lot easier to accept this year's market returns if our economy showed more signs of life. Given all the uncertainty, I would love to be able to get out the old crystal ball and see into the future.

In fact, people ask me all of the time when the right time is to get into the market. Should I get in now? Should I wait until there is a correction? Honestly, I don't know when the exact right time will be any more than anyone else. However, what I do know is that trying to time the market can cause you to follow the market to the bottom and get out before it ever comes back.

It all comes down to being proactive rather than reactive. To an extent, I play the part of a psychologist, asking questions about my client's motivations, dreams, and on the flip side, what keeps them up at night. This way, when the market does take a turn for the worse, they have an appropriate portfolio and will feel optimistic about what's to come.

I guess my point is that when thinking about your investments, don't base your level of confidence on unemployment or the deficit, but on your relationship with me, the advisor.

I can't show you the future, but I can give you all the confidence you'll need about your finances.

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