The Gulf of Mexico oil spill has been serious trouble for BP. Not financially - by most accounts a company with the size and profitability of BP can comfortably handle even the outsized costs of such a large spill. No, the trouble has been political, as the President, governors of gulf states, even mayors have all taken their turn beating up BP. Political trouble, unlike financial distress, is hard to quantify and makes investors nervous.

BP has made mistakes and should pay to fix what has gone wrong. Our court system can provide due process to allow claimants to receive recompense for damages. But the administration has pressured BP, using the bully pulpit to compel the company to do it's bidding. Use of extralegal means by politicians is uncommon in mature democracies.

But the administration should be careful what it wishes for. Twisting BP's arm may drive it into the arms of someone else. Today's headlines bring rumors that BP may sell a substantial stake to Saudi investors. Whether we like it or not, BP's current management may be the devil we know.


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