It's Friday; let's have a little fun. I've put together a list of common products. They are items that you might buy on any given day, or perhaps every day. Each item is listed with its price adjusted for inflation after 10 years and also 20 years. I have assumed an average rate of inflation of 3%, which is in-line with the long-term historical average. Many items typically increase at a faster rate, but let's keep it simple:

Item 10yrs From Now 20yrs From Now
1. A Starbucks Latte $5.38 $7.22
2. A Gallon of Gas $5.07 $6.81
3. Toilet Paper $8.06 $10.84
4. Your Cable Bill $161.27 $216.73
5. A Dibella's Sub Sandwich $9.41 $12.64
6. A Draft Beer $6.72 $9.03
7. A Gallon of Milk $4.70 $6.32
8. Air Jordan Sneakers $168 $225.76
9. Two Movie Tickets $26.88 $36.12
10. A Dozen Wings $13.43 $18.04

The reason I've laid out these examples is to demonstrate how much purchasing power we lose over time to inflation. You might live 10 years in retirement or you might live 40 and it's important to plan for rising costs after you stop earning a paycheck and start relying on your savings. Everybody has different investment objectives and risk tolerances. However, if your investments aren't keeping up with inflation at the very least, you aren't protecting your wealth, you're eroding it.

Sam DiNorma

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