With the rapid rise in college tuition and an ever more competitive job market, student loan debt has ballooned to nearly $1 trillion. These loans, however, are not loans in the traditional sense. It is almost impossible to refinance them, and unlike a typical loan, you cannot shed this debt through bankruptcy. Many students emerge from college laden with debt and unable to find work that pays enough to keep up with repayment. This debt will follow them around for years to come and many will become delinquent. In fact, we are starting to see student loan debt become a problem for senior citizens. Some may argue that the problem is that in an economy where job growth is slow, tuition should be more affordable. In fact, tuition increases have far outpaced inflation. Having a good education is essential if you want to get ahead. But society has to find a way to help students graduate without crushing debt.

Sam DiNorma

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