Last Friday we held our quarterly State of the Firm meeting, something we have done since mid-2009. The finance and investment industries were in turmoil: Merrill Lynch had collapsed, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, AIG was bailed out by taxpayers - you've heard all of it. I was never worried about the financial stability of Brighton Securities due to our conservative management stance, but I came to realize that some of our employees, who are not privy to our firm's financial statements, were concerned. So now we hold a quarterly meeting for all employees and review briefly the recent quarter. The meetings are a good opportunity for us to announce planned initiatives as well, and our newest is one that I am pleased to mention on our blog.

We are a local firm, and our commitment to the community extends beyond care for our clients. Because we value our employees efforts to support and improve our community, Brighton Securities will now pay employees to volunteer. Our new Community Partnership Program will pay participants at their regular rate for up to 20 hours annually of approved volunteer work. Many Brighton Securities employees are already active in their communities and this is a way for our firm to support them and the organizations they choose to help.

We are looking forward to a busy 2010 helping our clients and our community.


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