Tax filing deadline was yesterday; here's a shout-out to our Tax Dept., led by Joe Arena, which prepared many hundreds of returns this year, including nearly 100 for brand-new clients. I hope they are enjoying a well-deserved rest. They had better - it will be tax season again before we know it.

End of the world has apparently been postponed yet again. The market was down 200+ points yesterday when S&P threatened a downgrade of US Treasury debt. Markets are back up today. Why? Good corporate earnings, of course. The economy is recovering, remember?

Goodbye to Mary Ridley, who has taken a job with the Village of Holley, her hometown. Mary has been an important part of our Operations staff for the last 5 years. We will miss Mary, but you may still see her Saturdays at the Rochester Public Market.

Hello to Roxanne Harmon, who will be taking over Mary's very important job. Roxy joined us last year as a part-time clerical assistant and worked in our Tax Dept. She will now step up to a full-time Operations position.

Dividends on the rise. Among others, Procter & Gamble, Dow Chemical, and United Technologies raised their dividends this week. Stay tuned, more increases are on the way.


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