That might seem like a sarcastic title, but I don't mean it that way. Weather is a great example. We just enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend, great for driving through the Finger Lakes to see the foliage, or getting a gallon of fresh pressed cider. For last-minute shoppers, plenty of pumpkins were available. By contrast, most of the eastern seaboard was not so lucky, and millions of people still lack electricity.

Our local economy might not seem like such a lucky thing. The agonizing struggles of Eastman Kodak seem to suck all the oxygen out of local business news, despite the fact that Kodak hasn't been our largest employer in years (Hello, UofR/Strong). But a closer look shows how lucky we are. The unemployment rate in our area is one of the lowest in NY State, and Rochester ranks #1 in private-sector job growth. Part of that job growth has happened here at Brighton Securities, both here on Monroe Avenue and on Main Street in Batavia, as we have continued to add jobs even through the recession. And getting to those jobs? Kiplinger rates Rochester as the best US city for commuters. OK, so maybe it's not a great slogan for a T-shirt, but it is a great quality-of-life measure. And lucky - how about the Buffalo Bills? With a 5-2 record this season, area fans have plenty to cheer.

Even the youngest Rochesterians will marvel at their luck tonight as princesses, pirates, and bumblebees count the candy that comes from a ring of the doorbell.


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