No doubt this rule sounds like a contradiction of my rules #3 and #2. I spent time talking about how to be careful with your assets and control your spending. And those are important rules that merit attention - prerequisites, if you like. Once you feel comfortable with those two rules, you can focus on this last one: loosen up & enjoy yourself. There is no prescription for how to do that; it will be different for everyone. Some people will travel more, others involve themselves more deeply in family or friends. Still others will consider charitable giving or substantial endowment of worthy causes. Take your time and decide what suits you best, but if you have followed these 5 rules you can be confident in your decision.

Whatever your preference, when you are comfortable financially and have the time and perspective that retirement offers, we can take on some of your administrative burdens so you can enjoy yourself. Let us know when you need cash and we will advise on the least taxing way to get it. Or have our tax department take the burden of annual filing off your shoulders. We can even save you the trouble of writing out quarterly estimated income tax checks.

You saved and invested so you'd have it to spend. Once you're retired - it's time.


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