O Canada Hockey fans got a real treat with yesterday's gold-medal game between the US and Canada. A tense and hard-fought battle throughout, the US tied the score with only 24 seconds left in the game, but our Northern neighbors secured the gold with a goal in overtime. Congratulations to Canada for its hockey victory and for winning more gold medals than any other nation. The US came in first in the medal count overall, with Germany second.

What does this have to do with personal finance? Nothing. Even I don't think about finance 24/7. Since I am off topic today let me make mention of one more international topic. One of our advisors, Jim Boyle, recently returned from a visit to see his daughter Heather in Santiago, Chile. Naturally, Jim and his wife Pat were worried when they heard about last Sunday's earthquake. The good news is that Heather, who is in Chile teaching English, had gone off for a visit to Brazil shortly before the quake struck, so she and her friends are fine. No word yet on the condition of her school. Heather is still in Brazil and expects to return to Santiago this week.

Thanks for the indulgence; tomorrow I'll be back on topic.


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