Well, it's official. There is now absolutely no excuse for not saving for retirement. Why not? Well, because these dogs now have a retirement plan, so how could you not?

I heard this story on the radio over the weekend and being a dog-lover I couldn't resist passing it along. I also couldn't resist using it as an opportunity to tease you a little bit. This November, the police commissioner of Nottinghamshire England a pension plan for retiring Police K-9's. The pension is designed to cover veterinary bills that normally would be paid out of pocket by their Human partners. The plan ensures that medical coverage continues after employment for these dogs who led long and physically demanding careers.

Aside from this being a pretty awesome thing to do for these animals that spend their lives in service rather than on the couch all day, like my pup, I see it as a great example to follow. We can all be guilty of under-saving from time to time. It's important to remember that you should always be setting aside a portion of your earnings, no matter how much you make, or how far off retirement might seem.

Hey, if these dogs have a retirement plan, then what's your excuse?

Sam DiNorma, Financial Advisor

Sam DiNorma, Financial Advisor

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