2020 continues to bring the unexpected, particularly with the markets. The longest economic expansion quickly followed by the shortest downturn, and now, the fastest return to almost record market highs. 

At the same time, election season has swung into high gear, and you are likely hearing economic opinions and predictions from both sides. This is the best time to ignore the noise and to focus on the things you can control. A diversified financial strategy is the best way to help achieve your long-term goals and we are here to develop that and work through it with you.

As the summer winds down we hope that you are finding some bright spots. Whether it involves summer travel, celebrating individual achievements or events, or even enjoying an evening outside with your family, we hope you are making the most of what's left of the summer. There is so much that is out of our hands at the moment, its rewarding to savor the things that we can control.

We are here when you or your friends and family need us, and always will be.

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