Rochester, NY has a rich history of hosting PGA Tour events, including the famous Rochester International in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  Recently restored, Oak Hill Country Club’s East Course will host its fourth PGA Championship in May 2023.  Nearly a decade removed from Jason Dufner’s triumph in 2013, a new generation of top players will headline the strongest field in golf.  As Rochester hosting of the PGA Championship is in full swing, the event brings with it a unique opportunity for financial advising professionals.   

In all, Greater Rochester Enterprise, an economic development organization focused on promoting the Rochester region as a competitive place for business location and growth, is projecting the 2023 PGA Championship will draw 225,000 spectators and have a $190 million impact on the region. It is projected the tournament will generate $110 million in direct revenue, $43 million in indirect revenue, and $37 million in induced spending.

The financial impact of Rochester hosting the 2023 PGA Championship event reaches far beyond the course itself.  By providing financial guidance to those involved in the event, businesses and individuals can maximize the benefits of the tournament and contribute to the economic success of the entire community.

Hosting a PGA championship event has significant economic benefits for Rochester, including increased tourism and revenue, as well as job creation.  As such, financial advising services play a critical role in maximizing the financial benefits of the event for both individuals and businesses.  I can can offer guidance on investing in the golf industry, including stocks and funds related to golf equipment, sponsor companies, and the PGA Tour itself.  Additionally, I can provide you with guidance on charitable giving to organizations connected to the event, such as local non-profits and charities.

Don’t miss out this week at Oak Hill Country Club.  Now may be a great time to speak with a financial advisor to develop and enhance your financial plan as Rochester takes on additional revenue this week, which may benefit you.

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