Kodak has been an imaging giant almost since there has been imaging. But they have been eclipsed by their own foot-dragging in digital imaging, and even their digital cameras sales are falling since nearly every new phone has a camera. That has been bad news for Kodak.

Until now.

Over decades, Kodak has developed patents covering important imaging processes. That camera-phone-in-every-pocket problem may now turn those patents to gold. If there are more cameras (in phones) there may be more need for those imaging patents. Cases in point: an Apple-led group recently bought patents from Nortel for $4.5 billion. Nortel had expected to raise only $900 million from the sale. And then there was Google's $12 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility, mainly to get control of Motorola's patent portfolio.

What does this mean for Kodak? A piece by Bloomberg today suggests that the Big Yellow Box is worth 5 times its current price based on patents alone. Which means that Kodak's search for gold in its file cabinets may yield quite a haul.


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