Wishing you a happy and healthy start to summer.  It seems as if we sent our last newsletter out three years ago, instead of three months ago!  Things have certainly changed since then, including the stock market which rallied to its best quarter in more than 20 years following a near 40% drop in just six weeks.  While certainly a positive sign, there is still great uncertainty regarding Covid-19 and the impact on our lives, and the economy itself.  With that in mind, we’d like to discuss some of the questions and conversations we’ve had with clients lately.

  1.  What do we expect to see happen in the stock market?  The short answer:  there’s no way to know.  It’s a near impossibility to predict short-term market performance, and in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, let’s just call it impossible.  We maintain a positive view of the economy over a long-term time frame, but wouldn’t be surprised to see continued volatility, both good and bad over the coming months.

  2. Short-term market swings are not permanent.  The major U.S. stock indexes dropped nearly 35% in six weeks – and then recovered nearly as quickly.  This example demonstrates the power of patience when it comes to your investments.  It’s easy to panic amidst daily chaos in the markets, but those emotionally driven decisions can often be quite costly in the long run.  As we’ve seen over the past three months, investors who were able to be patient and avoid panic have been rewarded with portfolios that recovered much, if not all that was lost in March and April. 

  3. What happens now?  Having an investment plan along with owning quality, diversified investments will likely prove to be the best path forward.  As with COVID-19, we have learned much, but much is still to be learned.  As things change, we will assess the situation and communicate with you in terms of the impact, and any adjustments that should be considered.


This is a new regulation that went into effect on June 30th, 2020.  You likely received a packet detailing this recently, which we are required to provide you with, but is strictly informational.  There are no changes to your investments or our relationship due to this regulation being adopted.  Our objective and pledge to you is to always act an operate in your best interest, regardless of how your investment accounts are set up.  We are happy to discuss this with you at any time.  Please let us know if you would like to speak over the phone, in-person, or via videoconference.


  • Stock Market Holidays:  Markets will be closed in observance of the following holidays in the coming months.

    • July 3 – observance of July 4th (Independence Day)

    • September 7 – Labor Day

  • The deadline to file your income taxes is July 15th.  There is still time to file your taxes if you have not yet done so.  If you have direct deposit/withdrawal with the IRS, remember that any 2019 taxes owed will be drawn from your bank on July 15th if you have not already made payment

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  • As a reminder, if you would like to make a request to have funds sent to you from an investment account, please call to make this request.  For security purposes we cannot issue funds via e-mail, only by speaking in person or over the phone.

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