"We are going to allocate your portfolio in such a way to minimize your downside risk while still maintaining strong cash inflows with the potential for capital appreciation."

Did you get all of that? I'm the one who wrote it, and I'm still not convinced!

Now, let's try again.

"Our goal is to give you a plan to provide you with income and growth, while trying to minimize the risk that comes along with any investment."


It is very easy for financial advisors to fall back on jargon and big words that we think make us sound smarter in front of our clients. Truth is it does nothing except confuse and even intimidate.

When I worked at 13WHAM, my goal was to always "say it simple." Instead of talking about the Buffalo Bills lack of an edge rusher and lack of size in a 3-4 defensive front, isn't it easier to just say the Bills defense can't sack the quarterback enough? Wit and wisdom are wonderful things, but when nobody understands what you're saying, their time was just wasted.

The goal is the same as a Financial Advisor. Whether you are planning for retirement, your child's education, or starting a new life with your husband or wife. To help you understand how to best achieve your goals in order to give you peace of mind and confidence that you're on the right track. That way, when we walk out the door, you're excited to get started, not scratching your head wondering, "what did he just say?"

Chuck Wade

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