My wife and I spent a good portion of last night at the hospital after a scare with our 10-week old daughter. Good news is, she's just fine - back to smiling and laughing at her mother and father on the changing table this morning (morning = 3:30 am). Healthcare, despite all of the issues with President Obama's Affordable Care Act, is a wonderful thing - especially when it benefits your child. And whether you like it or not, healthcare is no longer a privilege or perk - it's the law. So while the boys and girls in Washington place blame with each other, I'd like to suggest a way the Affordable Care Act could potentially benefit your investment portfolio.

It's no secret that the age of Baby Boomers is increasing, bringing an increased need for healthcare and services. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Baby Boomers, like the rest of us, are required to have healthcare, creating a supply and demand relationship for care and services that had never existed in this capacity. It's created an opportunity for many to consider increasing their portfolio's exposure to healthcare as we look for new areas of growth for now and the future.

Instead of trying to find the next big IPO, hot penny stock, or idea that sounds too good to be true - you could consider adding some healthcare exposure to your portfolio - which has the potential to make you appreciate healthcare even more.

As with any investment strategy, the first step should always be to discuss with your advisor to be sure that any decision is appropriate for you, your personal goals and expectations before taking action. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.


Chuck Wade, Financial Advisor



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