Investing can be a daunting task for people, especially if you are new to it or if you were not the primary financial decision maker in your household. While recognizing that it may be uncomfortable at first, here are a few tips to help get you started:

  1. It is unlikely you will learn successful investing tips from the media-financial commentators do not work for you and often take on doomsday messages which may or may not be founded in 100% truth. It is best to work with reliable websites/papers or an advisor for your information.
  2. Neither women nor men have clear advantages as investors-do not allow preconceived notions of gender based advantages to deter you. Informed men and women have the ability to be successful in achieving their investment goals.
  3. Risk is not a bad thing-Appropriate risk in your investments can provide the opportunity for great outcomes! It is important to understand your own risk tolerance and how the investments you are considering may perform in different market cycles. It is best to work with an advisor when it comes to choosing your investments.
  4. Most successful investors get help-there are some who do it themselves but if you don't have the time to become an expert in the field or the perspective on how to navigate a bumpy market then it is beneficial to work with an advisor. Advisors help to ensure your investments are suitable and are structured to meet your goals.
Investing can be a rewarding and meaningful experience if the correct time and steps are taken. Working with an advisor who can educate you, provide good advice, and excellent service is the first step toward a successful investment journey.

Caroline Hill, Financial Advisor


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