There is no doubt that the 2016 Presidential Election is getting a lot of press. With the first debate happening this week so many people are trying to watch the polls and figure out who will be our next leader. Of course the two candidates could not be any more different with their policies and ideas. Many folks have asked “how do I invest during this election”?

The media talking heads have provided numerous ideas on how to invest if one candidate wins over another. Yet, the reality remains we have no way to predict who will win. At this moment the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. Even if we guess we have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.

The most correct answer is that today and even the next 90 days is no different than any other period in time. In my opinion, the best way to invest is to focus on high quality companies that provide goods and services that provide value to consumers. Keeping in mind you need to work with an advisor to determine what those companies are, what goals you have, and what percentage of equities and fixed income is suitable for you.

George T. Conboy, our firm Chairman, is notorious for saying that regardless of who becomes President the morning after the election the farmers will still go to the barn and milk their cows and the chickens will still lay eggs. Time will still move forward, god willing we will all have our next birthday, and the compelling fundamentals of high quality companies that provide valuable goods and services will likely not change.

Of course there may be reform in policies which could change growth opportunities down the road- but these changes and impacts are something no one can predict. Work with your advisor to create a plan using the facts and information we have today to create a plan that accomplishes you goals. Whether it’s keeping the status quo, taking some profits, or reallocating to more income producing companies I too have confidence that the cows will continue to produce milk and the chickens will continue to lay eggs. And the day after the election we will get up, take a shower, and live our lives just as we have always done.

Caroline Hill, Financial Advisor

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