Nearly five months after exiting bankruptcy, Kodak remains a vastly different company than the one that many of us knew in Rochester. The stories have all been told of days gone by for the former photo behemoth - but I came across some good news, if only in a symbolic sense, that I thought was worth sharing., a website set up in early 2012 as a resource for information regarding the company's bankruptcy no longer exists. You're welcome to click the link to confirm, but the site contains only advertisements now - and a note that the site expired on January 15th of 2014. This was confirmed by the Democrat and Chronicle earlier this week - Kodak has shut down its bankruptcy website.

If only for the symbolic purposes, I'm happy to see the site gone. Yes, Kodak is not the same as it was nor will it ever be; but Kodak shares are trading once again, and even with the recent pullback, have done quite well since hitting the market under the ticker symbol "KODK." Good enough in fact, that Kodak CEO Antonio Perez and company rang the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange recently.


What will happen next with Kodak? We don't know just yet. Folks who are still there tell me that they're excited about the transformation into a smaller company that's focused on commercial printing instead of consumer products. Here's hoping that success is in the future - and that continues to remain vacant for years to come.

Chuck Wade, Financial Advisor


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