Many people can create the perfect life timelines in their head about desirable milestones but when it comes to reality it is likely that those fairytales often are quite different. Remember when you were a child and you wanted to be a movie star, singer, or maybe even President. Of course now, reality has set in and you have a fine job and drive a reasonably suitable car. Yet, you still are living life and things have happened far differently than you imagined. Let's face it; no one has a crystal ball.

My point is that you had to start somewhere and you had to make things happen. The same goes for investing. When you start, even those first modest 401k dollars you contribute count as investments, it is important to focus on getting started and how you will achieve the end goals NOT the perfect path on how to get there.

Carl Richards details in his blog and in the graphic below that "by letting go of the need for perfect, we recognize the end goal matters so much more than whether the journey is perfect".

Those who stayed in their investments through the recent market correction in 2008 know this story all too well. Of course you lost money but if you stuck with it you likely have made back your money and then some.

In addition, you can NEVER start investing too early. In fact, when it comes in investing the more time you have before you need income from your investments the better. Allowing your investment plan to work through market cycles and experience compounding growth will only create a more powerful asset base that will work for you when you need it.

So, get started with an advisor! You probably didn't wait to get a job and start living your life-so don't wait on building the foundation for a successful financial future. You will work too hard over your lifetime for your money-you deserve to have it work hard for you.

Caroline Hill, Financial Advisor


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