Have you ever thought about time as an investment? Recently I came across an where the author wrote about the best financial advice he had ever received: "invest your time, don't spend it."

This led me to a similar article which also discussed the idea of spending vs. investing time.

In the end, both articles provide examples of activities where we "spend time" and examples where we "invest our time." I often say "it's not how much you make, it's how much you save" that will determine how successful you'll be in accumulating wealth, and the same could be true for time. Replace the word Money with the word Time and see how interchangeable they are!

This got me thinking about how many of my clients rely on me to oversee their investments because they don't have the time; or prefer investing their time with their family, their faith, or friends. Think of someone that you think is "very successful." Ask them what they do with their time and see if they're "spending" it or "investing" it.

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Joe Boyd Financial Advisor Brighton Securities

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