I am interrupting my "Year End Tax Planning" series, please check in tomorrow for post 4 of 4.

Let's talk about energy - everybody else is. With the big climate conclave in Copenhagen there's a lot of buzz about clean and renewable energy. In our business we get asked about opportunities to make money, and so where are the opportunities in energy? Let me say it straight: forget wind and solar if you are looking to invest.

But why? Didn't President Obama say in his first address to Congress that he wanted to double America's reliance on renewables? He did. But the two most talked about renewables - solar and wind power - provide less than half of 1% of US energy consumption. That means that if those sources double, traditional energy will still power 99% of our economy. And that's where the money is. So how to make money in clean energy? Follow someone who knows how. Yesterday Exxon Mobil announced plans to acquire XTO Energy for $31 billion. Yup, billion. For a company focused on the cleanest of traditional energy: natural gas. And Exxon is the best in the energy business - biggest, most profitable, smartest. They don't spend that kind of money on a whim.

This post is long enough already so here's my wrap: while the delegates in Copenhagen dream of spinning wind turbines, natural gas suppliers will be making money heating your home. That's where I'll place my bets.

Tomorrow: back to tax planning.

George T. Conboy

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