I am no happier than anyone else to pay $4 a gallon for gas. But I'll admit that years ago (many years ago) when gas first hit $1 a gallon, I was more chagrined than I am now. Partly it's because I am busy enough these days to have other things on my mind. But a big reason why is that some years ago I got tired of worrying how much profit the oil companies were making and decided to get on the same side of the table. So I bought shares in Exxon Mobil and I have never looked back. Today, as Exxon raises its dividend another 7%, I remain a happy shareholder, getting back something for what I spend at the pump.

Just because I own Exxon shares does not make them right for all investors, and there are plenty of other energy companies to consider - and they are well worth consideration. Profiting from $4-a-gallon gas isn't an exclusive club. Just be sure to speak with a knowledgeable advisor before you invest.


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