Last night Alcoa topped expectations and sent the market higher to start today's trading. This earnings season, maybe more than others could have a big impact on how the market performs the second half of this year. Here is when the DOW 30 will tell us how the second quarter treated them:

3M July 22nd

Alcoa* July 12th

American Express July 22nd

AT&T July 22nd

Bank of America July 16th

Boeing July 28th

Caterpillar July 22nd

Chevron July 30th

Cisco Systems August 11th

DuPont July 27th

Exxon July 29th

General Electric July 16th

Hewlett Packard August 19th

Intel July 13th

IBM July 19th

Johnson & Johnson July 20th

JP Morgan Chase July 15th

Kraft August 5th

McDonalds July 23rd

Merck July 30th

Microsoft July 22nd

Pfizer August 3rd

The Coca Cola Co. July 21st

The Home Depot August 16th

The Procter & Gamble Co. August 2nd

Travelers Company July 22nd

United Technology July 21st

Verizon July 23rd

Wal-Mart August 17th

Walt Disney August 5th *- Already reported

Steve Hicks

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