The old adage "can money buy happiness?" is one we have all heard. Research shows that on a broad level people with higher incomes tend to be happier than those who struggle to live. Yet, more importantly how people spend their money is a much more important question that directly relates to happiness.

The latest research offers that wealth alone does not provide any guarantee of happiness rather it is how you spend your money that makes an impact. Those who give money away to others are much happier than those who spend on themselves. Even more, when people reflect on happy times, life experiences provide more pleasure than material things.

So when you are preparing for your retirement or planning for your financial future do you know what is going to make you happy? Perhaps it is the annual trip to Disney with the family, that European backpack tour you have always dreamed about, or maybe it is the donation you give every year to a cause that is close to your heart.

My job is to work with clients and help them create the plan which enables them to live the one life they have the best way possible. Have the conversation, take the initiative, and don't be afraid to find your happiness.

Caroline Hill, Financial Advisor


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