In light the Governor Cuomo’s recent Covid-19 workforce reduction announcement, which lists banks and other related financial institutions as essential businesses, Brighton Securities will be remaining open, but our doors will be locked. We will maintain our standard hours of operations; however, we strongly urge all clients and guests to adhere to the regulatory Executive Order procedures in place at Federal, State and Local levels.

Our Management, Financial Advisors and Staff remain readily available to all clients via non-in-person meetings and are available through direct phone contact and email access, procedures of which have not changed. Our easy-access Directory can be found on our website for quick contact navigation.

If you absolutely need to see one of us face to face, please call our main number at 585-473-3590 and make an appointment.  These appointments will be on as needed basis and may not be immediate as most of our staff will be working from home.

We at Brighton Securities understand that we are all collectively navigating through times of uncertainty, but we want to reassure our clients and guests that we will remain, your trusted financial experts.

Stay well, wash your hands.


Your friends and family at Team Brighton