Crude oil has hovered in the $75-$85/barrel range for most of 2010, but lately prices have risen. With oil changing hands at over $90, drivers are bracing for gasoline prices over $4 per gallon some time in 2011. No one wants to pay more to fill up their tank, and higher gasoline prices are regarded as bad news. But bad news is never in short supply - you can find it on any news website. Good news, on the other hand, often lurks in the shadows and gets little press.

Coincident with recent higher oil prices is last week's two-year high for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Stock markets tend to act as leading indicators - signs that things will get better in the future. Investing is an activity based on the expectation of future gain. Increased investment activity points to increased optimism among investors, and that comes from people seeing (or at least expecting) improvement in our economy. Though unemployment remains stubbornly high, the economy is gathering strength daily.

The recession is nearly over, and $4-a-gallon gas will be a sign that we are back in a robust economy.


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