The general consensus and our opinion: Kodak is not doing very well.

As long time residents of our fair city, we are sad to see what was such an innovative and influential company take such a bad downturn. However, we can't spend too much time in lamentation - we have work to do. It is at difficult times like this one that talking to a knowledgeable financial professional can be comforting and helpful. We like to be a resource for our city. Here's how we're doing that right now:

Last night we had a very successful meeting with our clients and the public about likely effects of Kodak's potential bankruptcy. We put this meeting together quickly in response to a deluge of calls from our clients, from Kodak employees and retirees and from concerned Rochesterians.

We also added a new spin to the meeting: we opened it up to our Twitter followers and fielded many questions from folks through social media. This got us some nice press here. This kind of meeting is called a Tweet chat and, as far as we know, no other financial services firms are talking to their communities this way. We're pretty proud that we are and we intend to do more and more of it. Search #ROCKodak to see what the conversation was like!

Last night was such a success, that we've got two meetings planned for next week. On Wednesday, January 11th at 5:30 p.m. and Friday, January 13th at 4 p.m. we will have more Q&A's. You can come in person (reservation recommended), reach out via twitter (@gtconboy, @chris_crom, #ROCKodak), or post to our wall on Facebook.

Additionally, we have opened a Kodak Bankruptcy Hotline. Anyone can call (585) 340-2246 to get their questions and concerns addressed by one of our top advisors. The hotline is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you have anything regarding Kodak that you'd like to talk about, please reserve a spot at one of our meetings by using the hotline number (585) 340-2246. Or call us! Or Tweet! Or post on FB! However you want to talk to us, we're listening.

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