We've been getting a lot of feedback about the new T.V. spots and the most common is surprise over how we managed to "find so many actors" among our clients.

None of the clients featured in the spots are professional actors, and none were given a script to read; the reason everyone seems so natural is because they are! Listening to clients speak about their Brighton Securities advisor in their own words is what made this experience so rewarding for all of us.

Which leads me to another point -- we love feedback! You can review your own experience online at Yelp! start a discussion with us on Facebook, send an email, or just talk to us next time you're in the office. We want to know what you like and where we can improve.

And now, the next spot in our line-up! This week, Meredith Wlodarczyk explains why working with Financial Advisor George Conboy is good for her and her family.

[wpvideo uMHIylpG]

A note on the music: The original music used in the Experts in You spots was composed by local singer/songwriter Josh Netsky. You can learn more about Josh and his work here.

Alexandra Conboy

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