Most retirees are convinced they can no longer contribute to their retirement saving.

There is an exception that is often overlooked. If you retire and your spouse continues to work, even part-time, you may qualify for a "spousal IRA" contribution. For example, you retire at 60 years old, your 60 year old spouse works part-time earning $12,000, each of you can contribute $6000 to a deductible IRA (assuming your adjusted gross income is not too high). You can continue to make deductible contributions until the year you turn 70 1/2 years old. Now for the exciting part......a "spousal ROTH IRA" has no maximum age limitation. If you are 85 years old and your spouse works part-time earning $12,000 per year you can each contribute $6000 to your ROTH. There is no required distribution from a ROTH IRA. The ROTH can grow tax-free and can be passed to your heirs tax-free. This is definitely something to consider.

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