The Dow has hit 18,000 for the first time in history! This is the second 1,000 point milestone for the index for the 2014 calendar year.

A timely article shows the Dow's record 1,000 point highs over time to chart the significance of this new record.

Dow Jones Industrial Average's 1,000-point milestones
Trading sessions between 1,000-point milestones Dow milestones Date of first close above each milestone
24 11,000 5/3/1999
59 14,000 7/19/2007
85 7,000 2/13/1997
105 8,000 7/16/1997
120 18,000 12/23/2014
127 13,000 4/25/2007
139 16,000 11/21/2013
153 17,000 7/3/2014
182 9,000 4/6/1998
189 5,000 11/21/1995
226 6,000 10/14/1996
246 10,000 3/29/1999
975 4,000 2/23/1995
1,080 3,000 4/17/1991
1,460 15,000 5/7/2013
1,879 12,000 10/19/2006
3,573 2,000 1/8/1987
21,652 1,000 11/14/1972

A key observation from this chart shows that the fist milestone at 1,000 took 21,652 sessions to achieve in 1972 versus today's 18,000 milestone which only took 120 sessions to achieve-a fraction of the time!

What this means for investors is that there are positive trends happening in leading companies at the close of the year specifically from Visa, Goldman Sachs, and IBM.

A few key takeaways from this experience

  1. Be an investor. If you are in cash or money markets you are missing out on the potential for tremendous growth and returns.
  2. Invest in the U.S. We are positioned the best for growth, innovation, and long term success compared to Europe and China.
  3. Stay in high quality companies. Grounding your investments in high quality companies that pay dividends, have good cash flow, and are well managed more often than not provide the base for a strong portfolio-one you will be able to hold and benefit from over time.
Caroline Hill, Financial Advisor


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