The tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan have riveted world attention. To offer assistance consider a donation to the Red Cross or Save the Children. Both organizations are mobilizing to help the people of Japan.

Our job is to assess the impact of events on financial markets and advise accordingly. Overnight the Japanese stock market declined 6.2% and the Japanese central bank took actions to pump money into the economy and help the Japanese economy.

This morning's open on US financial markets is likely to see a sharply lower open, as financial shock waves from a body blow to the world's 3rd largest economy land in New York. Successful investors recognize that disasters, be they natural or man-made, tend to have little significance to their long-term investment results. Despite the sad situation in Japan, the remaining 7 billion people in the world must get up and go to work, to do what must be done, every day. In similar fashion your investing demeanor should be steady and focused.


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