It's that time of year again where families get together to enjoy each other's company, exchange gifts and eat too much. But often times after the last cookie is gone and the gifts are all unwrapped we find ourselves searching for the next conversation piece.

Here is one suggestion: Consider taking a look at the family documents to see if they are up to date and written the way that you intend. Some of the documents to skim through include Health Care Proxies, Power of Attorneys, Wills (as well as executor arrangements), and beneficiaries on IRA's, 401k's, and Life Insurance policies. It is also a good idea to have children or other trusted family members know where these documents are kept in the house. If times permits, arrange a time to introduce close family members to important advisors including your lawyer, CPA and financial advisor.

We hope that 52 weeks from now we will all be here enjoying the company of our family again, but if something does happen between now and then at least we can feel safe that our loved ones know our intentions and are properly prepared to act on our behalf.

Mike Fahey & Steve Hicks

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