There is so much going on in the world! If you are glued to the TV watching the talking heads of Fox News, CNBC, or CNN you probably think the end of this bull market is going to be driven directly by default in Greece. The media loves drama. Yes, going into default is a problem; banks are closed and there is a possibility they could break away from the Euro.

But how does this impact the average American investor?

My favorite blogger Carl Richards states that: "the situation in Greece probably does NOT apply to you."

I reiterate Carl by saying; take it all in with a grain of salt. The reason being, your financial plan should be able to account for market fluctuations, changes in interest rates, and corrections. Any well-structured plan has established goals and accounts for changes in your life as well as in the market-both equally important.

Instead of wallowing in media sorrows about Greece I would turn my attention toward opportunities. There are many industries to consider that present great long term growth potential. There are also many international and global opportunities that are ripe for growth, obviously not including Greece.

Talk with your advisor on ensuring your personal goals are aligned with your investment strategy and keep an open mind. If you keep a balanced view outside of the 24-hour news cycle you may find things are going just fine.

Caroline Hill, Financial Advisor


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