So often commercials are considered interruptions to the entertainment we love. They provide a moment to refill your drink, grab another bag of chips, or run to the restroom; but not at the Super Bowl. Last year the Super Bowl was the most watched event in America, and more than 108 million men and women watched the championship. The cost for a 30 second advertisement during this year's Super Bowl was $4 million and for an entire minute it costs $8 million; no quantity discount there folks. Is it really worth $133,000 per second?

Despite the number of viewers and America's love affair with Super Bowl commercials, many marketers find the costs too high. The $4 million for 30 seconds is simply for air time, it doesn't include the costs associated with the physical creation of the commercial, which can sometimes easily double the price. Taking into account the incredible costs or the possibility that your advertisement may get poor reviews if not done properly, it can be a very expensive adventure.

If your ad is creative and receives positive reviews, it can be a great boost for your brand. Where else can you reach $108 million viewers in one attempt? Not to mention the fact that come Monday morning, your commercial will be discussed on news stations across America, at the coffee pot in your work kitchen, and all over social media. Yes, it is costly, but if you deliver a relevant and attention grabbing advertisement, your brand and your products will be talked about during the event, for days, weeks, and potentially months after the event.

Similar to a Super Bowl commercial, a financial plan may seem costly at first, but when done professionally it can be a great investment. A financial plan requires an initial investment of your time and in some cases money, but few things can compare to the peace of mind it can give you for days, months, and potentially years ahead knowing that you are on track for your retirement goals. Ultimately, the goal of a financial plan is to give you confidence to live the one life that you have, the best way that you can.

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Ethan Wade, Financial Advisor


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